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Kal Ho Na Ho

“Kal ho na ho”. I am a huge fan of SRK and have watched all of his movies. This is one of the movies which has touched my heart and makes me emotional every time I watch it. The movie is a narration by Priety Zinta about her life and the people around her. Dollops of humor were peppered all over the narrative. But each and everything shown in that movie holds a meaning to it.

The 3 ladies who sing daily aartis are unbothered by the people mocking at them. They are least concerned about what others say, which is something we should do as well. Singing is something that makes them happy and they do it because they like it.

Jia is an illegitimate child of her mother’s husband, who is no more. But Jia’s grandmother dislikes her thinking that she is adopted. This shows the hypocrisy of those who think that adopted children don’t deserve love. Children should never be discriminated as they are innocent beings who imbibe values based on how their upbringing is done.

Naina (Priety Zinta) is a girl who loves her family and wants to keep them together. Jia is her sister. Naina is an introvert and depressed owing to the issues in her family and around her. She stops enjoying the little things life offers till Aman (Shahrukh Khan) enters her life.

Aman is the most memorable character in the movie.

Suno! Jiyo! Muskurao! Kya pata kal ho naa ho“, he said.

Aman is terminally ill and everyone is unaware about this except his mother and doctor. He is a lively person who likes to spread happiness. He lives every day like it’s the last day of his life, as he believes in the phrase “Kal ho na ho”. However, his belief in living a full life didn’t come in the way of his pragmatic farsightedness and his concern for the tomorrow of his loved ones, a tomorrow he would never be a part of. He falls in love with Naina and tries to solve her problems. Aman tries to tell himself that she only thinks that she loves him. But he does this only because he realizes that she won’t be able to bounce back from the grief of losing him. Her initial loss had transformed her into a temperamental nerd who had curbed her inclination towards love. He tries in every possible way to leave behind a comfortable life that can help her sustain her newfound zest for living. This shows the endless love of Aman, who hides the fact about his illness till the end, until Naina gets to know about it from Aman’s doctor. Rohit (Saif Ali Khan) is Naina’s close friend. Aman sees that Rohit is the only person who cares about Naina like a partner should and gets them together. This ability to let go also stemmed from his will to live life optimally every second. The movie has shown the true meaning of selfless love through Aman’s character. Aman’s was a story of a lifetime in a heartbeat.

The heartbeat is a character in the Karan Johar film. The thumping echoes of an electronic heartbeat are interwoven into the crucial junctures of the narrative to provide a sense of urgency. The heartbeat was not only a reminder of the inevitable end to one’s life but also a constant nudge to live one’s life. All the hums and hearty laughs could be heard over and above the intimidating heartbeat. But as soon as these subsided, one would be reminded of how fruitfully consequential a limited life could prove to be. Kal Ho Na Ho demonstrated how ensuring a better tomorrow for others only enriches one’s today.


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