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Dil Bechara

Tum na huye mere to kya

Main tumhara, main tumhara, main tumhara raha

Mere chanda main tumhara sitaara raha

Rishta raha bas ret ka

Ae samundar main tumhara kinara raha

Main tumhara, main tumhara, tumhara raha

Dil Bechara. An amazing movie which makes one feel gifted, and grateful towards life (even in this pandemic). I have watched “The fault in our stars” and that’s the reason I was initially hesitant to watch the movie. I never repeat movies and I ended up watching this movie twice. First time I was just awestruck watching Sushant do his magic, and the second time for this review. Watching him reminded me of the good old romantic SRK movies. As the film unfolds, two things bubble to the surface instantly – and poignantly. One is the realisation of the sheer enormity of the loss of SSR. The other is the gnawing feeling that the lead actor, who notched up several fine performances in a tragically brief career, perhaps deserved a more stimulating swansong.

Emanuel Rajkumar junior (Manny) – A joyful, romantic, sanguine guy, who doesn’t want to give up on love and life. The conversation between him and Kizie’s father, where Manny talks about his life after the leg-amputation surgery: how it rendered him incomplete and dissatisfied, how it took away his body and soul – and why we should care for silliness, that scene is vintage Rajput, where he isn’t hero-like but ordinary, unpeeling his layers with every line of dialogue, revealing his insecurity with palpable difficulty. Many people are unable to achieve their goals as circumstances take that chance away from them, but we are the few lucky ones who get many shots to keep trying. Hence, we should realize that failure can only give us sorrow, but it can never seize our opportunities. Others might have the opinion that we are being silly in following our ambition and might not trust us. However, in his last letter Manny conveys that even though we can’t decide the time of our birth and death, the way we want to lead our life is in our hands.

JP – An amazing fun-loving person, who’s about to lose his eyesight to cancer, and wants to fulfil his dreams before that happens. Taking life step by step, having ambitions and fulfilling them while you can, is what he taught us. There’s not even a slight change in his optimism towards life after losing his eyesight.

Kizie – meaning the one that always stays. Her voice is funny, lively, playful, squashing any possibility of maudlin self-pity or abrasive resentment. She tells in the beginning, life is not as easy as the story of ‘Ek Tha Raja, Ek Thi Rani, Dono Mar Gaye, Khatam Kahaani’. She likes to share other people’s sorrows and loneliness by hugging them and that’s how she alleviates hers as well. How she craves to be a normal girl with a normal life makes us think how fortunate we are to be living this so called “mundane” life. She believes that to become a hero, one doesn’t need to be popular. Isn’t it true! And as she says, nothing is forever (emphasizing the ephemeral nature of life), then why not enjoy every sad and happy moment our life is filled with.

Planning his own funeral, Manny proved that there is nothing to be scared of and one should accept everything that life throws at them with no regrets. Kizie and Manny have shown us that whatever happens, life is OK (seri). It’s hard to not think of Sushant and realise how he had many similarities with the character he played. The movie ending was intense and emotional and got me feeling just one thing – Wish I could see him once more with that cute smile on his face saying, “Seri”.


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